Email AUP

This page contains the Email Acceptable Use Policy for Paths Connect, LLC email services. Our client acknowledges and agrees to be completely compliant to all the terms, conditions, and policies here described. The client commits to read, understand and comply with any future modifications of this policy, in order to ensure the continuous integrity and security of our system and networks involved.

UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email)

Our client may not send, or attempt to send, unsolicited email messages known as UCE or SPAM. Spam violates many federal and state laws and seriously affects the integrity of the electronic mail protocols as well as the resources involved including time, money and data processing. Sending SPAM will not only affect our company's reputation among different Internet Service Providers, but will also damage our company financially as a result of the time it would take to clear up our system's reputation.

Any Paths Connect, LLC client agrees not to:

- Send, or attempt to send, Spam of any kind.

- Send email message which result in complaints from the recipient or from the recipient's email provider, which might result in blacklisting of our email server's IPs.

- Send email messages which are excessive and/or intended to harass or annoy others.

- Take any actions intended to hide client's identity.

Paths Connect, LLC will ensure that no client will mail again to an email address that has previously reported a complaint about any mailings that might have happened from any of our email servers.