Paths Connect is the Email Service Provider you can count on.

Our proprietary email management system is built to collect and manage data sets in real time and simultaneously deliver sequential auto-responder emails based on client needs. We offer a superior email infrastructure that offers visibility into delivery results. This increased visibility allows for better dialouge with ISPs if delivery issues arise. We built our operations to best respond to reputation, customer feedback and bounce management.

Superior Technology


- Built-in Automatic Tracking - Automatically track opens, URL click-thru stats, unsubscribes, and more.

- Comprehensive details on all your deliveries.

Superior Services


We manage the IPs and DNS setup for you. We have an ongoing dialog with the major Internet Service Providers who host the email accounts to ensure that our mail servers most politely communicate with the servers on their network.

- Complete compliance with applicable rules so that unsubscribes, bounced messages, required contact, etc. are managed most efficiently.

- We obtain WhiteListing or SafeList status where available.

- We hygiene invalid addresses

Technical Capabilities


- Built-in Supression List Management - Manage all your supression lists with ease.

- Message Personalization - You can personalize emails with first name, last name, or any custom field.

- Trigger Emails - Post-click targeting based on behavorial response.

- Rotate and measure up to 10 Subject Lines and Creative in one mailing.

- Spam Assassin Integration - Check your Creative against Spam Assassin before you send them.